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Admission and Entry to the School

1.  Registration and Admission: On return of the completed Registration Form and non-returnable Registration Fee, your child will be placed on our waiting list.  Admission is subject to the availability of a place.  Please read our Admission Policy.

2. Offer of a Place and Deposit: A separate deposit, as shown on the Fees List, is payable when parents accept the offer of a place at each site of the School.  The deposit will be held until the child’s final term at either School. The deposit will form part of the general funds of the School.  If you wish to donate your deposit to the Bursarial fund of the School, please inform our School Administrator, Sue Garcin, in writing.

3. Equality: The School welcomes children, parents and staff of all faiths, ethnic groups and background.  We will do all that is reasonable to ensure that every child has equal access to the curriculum and that School practices fully reflect the interests and needs of all members of our School community.  We will make reasonable adjustments under the Special Educational Needs and Disability Act 2001 to accommodate the needs of children, staff, parents and visitors who have disabilities.

4. Bursaries: The School has a bursarial fund and bursary places are offered on the basis of a means test by an external agency.  If you would like to enquire about bursary places please contact the School Administrator Sue Garcin: 020 7354 2113.  A bursary is a privilege and is subject to high standards of attendance, effort and behaviour on the child’s part and to the parents’ full support of the child’s education and participation in the School.

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