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The majority of Nursery School children join our Reception class at the Upper School (Pre-Prep), although we do have occasional vacancies and children can join us at this point. 

When children move into Year 1, they enter Key Stage 1 and follow the National Curriculum. This continues into Year 2, alongside preparation for 7+ assessments. Classes of approximately twenty children, are taught by one class teacher and a teaching assistant. Please note that from September 2021, children will be able to carry on through to Year 6 with us.

The shape of the day is similar throughout the Upper School, with the morning divided into two main teaching sessions for maths and literacy.  Afternoons are devoted to topic work, which encompasses all curriculum areas.  We use topic/theme-based teaching to enable children to make cross-curricular links. All teaching and learning begins with practical work and creative thinking is encouraged.

We value play, so every week the staff plan a full range of playground activities, covering all areas of the curriculum, from role-play to art during their two long playtimes per day.

The curriculum is enriched with dance, violin, music and Spanish lessons, as well as weekly visits to King Henry’s Walk Garden. All classes go on at least two major educational trips per term.