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Nursery School

Reporting to Parents

Children’s learning and development is assessed by our Nursery teachers in the statutory 2 year Progress Check on entry to the Nursery School and this information is shared with parents at Parents' Evening in the child's first term. 

Parent Evenings are held every term throughout the School and a written report is sent to parents in July, including a statement on the child's attainment in the Early Learning Goals for children at the end of Reception.

At the Nursery School we hold a curriculum talk about the Early Years Foundation Stage during our termly Welcome Drinks for new parents and there is an open morning each term for parents to come in and share their child's Special Book and class displays.

At the start of each term parents receive a welcome letter from the Headteacher and from their child's teacher and a list of forthcoming important diary dates.  We keep in touch regularly with parents by email with arrangements and reminders about School trips and events.  Photos of the children participating in a range of activities can be viewed in the parent portal on the Latest News page.

We have an open door policy and urge parents to contact the Headteacher by popping into the School office, if they have a concern about their child or a school matter they would like to discuss.