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Prep School Expansion


Why is The Children’s House expanding?

We have wanted to build on our successful offering for many years and know from parental feedback that the local community would welcome a local prep school. We are experienced in the 7+ process and are confident that we can continue to deliver our educational aims to our pupils all the way to secondary school.

When and how will The Children’s House expand?

We will open for our first Year 3 cohort in September 2022 and will grow organically year on year. From September 2025, the school will have approximately 200 pupils from Nursery to Year 6.

Where will the school be located?

We love our beautiful buildings and will be redeveloping them to create large, light filled classrooms with new specialist learning and play spaces. Elmore Street will continue to house our Early Years children and the King Henry’ Walk site will expand into the neighbouring church, providing us with the extra classrooms we will need to house our pre-prep and prep pupils. We will fully upgrade our playground to provide a multi-purpose play and sports space.