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Nursery School

Nursery School

"...light, airy, high ceilinged and free-flowing space that must feel like heaven to a small child" ~ GOOD SCHOOLS GUIDE 2023

Most children begin their educational journey at The Children’s House through the Nursery School, joining from the age of two and a half years. In the first term, they attend Nursery School, with the initial half-term focused on settling in and immersing into the school routine. As the children seamlessly integrate into the setting, The Children’s House encourages and supports their continuous engagement in a full day of activities. At the beginning of the year in which they turn four, children then transition to the pre-reception class.

All Nursery School children benefit from being placed in small classes led by a qualified teacher and a teaching assistant.  The school maintains high adult/child ratios, facilitating constant observation and interaction.  This allows the staff to know the children well and provide individualised learning experiences throughout their journey at The Children's House. 

Children begin each morning and afternoon session with their teacher and enjoy a whole-class learning focus together.  Related activities are set up on tables.  Children access a full range of practical activities, from role-play to writing.  Whatever the learning focus, we ensure learning is enjoyable, creative and hands-on.

Specialist teachers visit the Nursery School to deliver lessons in both Spanish and dance.  We also bring a range of visitors into the school to deliver storytelling, puppet shows, drumming, animal workshops etc.  Children are given regular outdoor experiences through timetabled visits to the Almorah Gardens, King Henry’s Walk Community Garden and the Upper School playground.