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School Expansion

5 Year Vision

We are thrilled to be expanding The Children’s House School. Our leading, local, co-educational school will soon be educating children from Nursery up to Year 6. Building on our record of high academic achievement and creative, hands-on learning, our key focus will be preparing children for, and supporting parents through the 11+ entry into senior schools in and around London.

Children will realise their potential through individualised teaching and a creative 11+ focused curriculum, linking subject areas through theme-based lessons. English and Maths will be taught separately, with an emphasis on problem-solving. Philosophy for Children will be introduced to provide opportunities for children to debate and form opinions; chess and Reasoning will form an important part of the curriculum from Year 3 onwards. Spanish will continue to be taught, as well as French and Latin for older children. Children will have access to tablets and laptops for research, recording and coding. 

Enrichment activities will be a cornerstone of the school, delivered both through the curriculum and clubs. Sports, dance, art and music will be a major focus with new facilities for all the above. We will focus on mixed sports such as cricket, netball, hockey, football, basketball, gymnastics and ice-skating to deliver a comprehensive PE and Games offering for all children. Year 2 children will have one year of swimming lessons. We will expand upon our hugely successful violin programme to offer children a range of instrumental lessons from Year 3 onwards, as well as the option of joining a choir. 

Our existing buildings will undergo extensive reorganisation, allowing us to accommodate an additional 60 pupils across our two sites. Each light-filled classroom will have state-of-the-art technology and specialised learning areas filled with high quality resources, ensuring children have the best preparation for their senior schools. We will use local facilities to provide large off-site sports, play and learning areas for children throughout school. In the Nursery School at Elmore Street, we will provide indoor/outdoor space for our youngest children. 

For the first time we will provide a bus service between both sites and will use this transport for a wide range of educational outings in the local area, bringing the curriculum and children’s learning to life. 

We will continue our open-door policy for parents, providing expert guidance and support through the 11+ process. We will help parents to understand London’s notoriously competitive and complicated school system, providing clarity on what to look out for and do each school year. Parents will be given the very best tailored advice about the right schools for their children.